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Dental Phobia by Chan Joon Yee

Chinese Plastic Tourists


In 2014, 56,000 Chinese tourists visited South Korea for plastic surgery procedures, an increase of 45 per cent from 25,400 in 2013.

According to industry insiders, the most popular requests for Chinese patients are double eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, fat grafts or transplants, facelifts and double jaw surgery to give a sharper chin.

Often, these patients get all their surgeries done at once. According to Korean plastic surgeons, mainland Chinese patients request for the same surgeries as their local patients. However, they desire different outcomes. Interestingly, many China patients do not want the Korean look. While Korean patients are more conservative, wishing only to enhance their features, China patients want much bigger eyes and taller noses that emulate Western beauties.

In recent years, plastic surgery clinics have sprung up all over China. However, standards vary greatly. Korea is still the trusted destination for such procedures.

Dental Phobia by Chan Joon Yee

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