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Sleepless Saturdays



Dental Phobia by Chan Joon Yee

Love Is Not Just Blind


I walked into the clinic tonight and spotted a couple lounging – actually cuddling on the seat in the waiting area. He’s a lucky guy with a gorgeous 美眉. Unluckily, however, he needed a root canal. Even less fortunate was yours toothfully who had to do a root canal for a guy who smelled like a cadaver from anatomy class. Gosh, his body odour was suffocating. At times like this, I try to shift my mind to something more pleasant – like that 美眉 outside. How could she … That was when it dawned on me that love doesn’t just make you blind. It can even make you lose your sense of smell and cuddle with a guy who smells like a cadaver (until the spell is broken). Nevertheless, it’s wonderful to note that in this age of cynicism, our young people still believe in love. I still hope he showered and changed his shirt after the root canal and I think I should have included showering as a post-operative instruction.

Emma with the rose. London

Dental Phobia by Chan Joon Yee

Moody Monday





Dental Phobia by Chan Joon Yee

Orange Chin


It’s usually not something you would readily notice unless she purses her lips. The chin takes on the appearance of orange peel. Some call it “peau orange chin”. The solution is botox. Injected into the mentalis muscle of the chin, it can weaken the muscle and reduce the appearance of “orange chin”.

Dental Phobia by Chan Joon Yee

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