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Chan Joon Yee

Dr Chan Joon Yee graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 1988. After completing his National Service as Dental Officer in the Navy, he went on to work as an associate at various private practices. He set up his own practice at Hougang in 1991 and remained there for 17 years. In 2005, he started a practice called New Age Cosmetic Dentists at Orchard Road to focus on his area of interest – cosmetic dentistry. Many of his patients included models and actresses. In 2011, he obtained a Graduate Diploma in Acupuncture from the Singapore College of TCM. Besides being a dentist, Dr Chan is also a qualified acupuncturist. He has also received extensive training in facial aesthetics.

However, strict regulations on website publicity restricted the growth of his practice which depended heavily on lively, tongue-in-cheek content which have been pointed out by complainants as being “unbecoming of the dental profession in Singapore”.

After 7 years in town practice, Dr Chan decided to go into semi-retirement. With the uncertainty associated with a new policy regarding Certificate of Competency, he may give up dentistry altogether.

He is currently still working part-time at Kent Ridge Dental Clinic located at the basement of the University Health Centre 20 Lower Kent Ridge Road Singapore 119080. Tel: 67731613


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