Many years ago, the navy made a very interesting advertisement showing a scene in a pub with a group of pretty girls chatting with a group of guys from the navy. It was one of model/actress Seraphina Wee’s first public apperance.

Girls: “So what do you guys do for a living.”

Guys: “We’re in the Navy.”

Girls: Something about perks and benefits

Guys: “The sun, the sand and the sea.”

Girls: “Does it pay?”

Guys: “You bet.”

Photo from Facebook.

They didn’t stop there. They’ve featured Zoe Tay as a naval medical officer and the now defunct Mediaworks also had Ann Kok in her white and navy blue. They’re at it again. This time, it’s a real naval officer in the form of ME1 Claire Teo. She was featured in Cyberpioneer over here and this seemed to have created quite a sensation even though Claire is obviously no Serina Wee. Anyway, I’ve been in the navy before and though women were almost non-existent on the ships back then, there were quite a number of beauties at the bases. Some were probably even prettier than Claire Teo if I may say so. I can’t figure out how Claire Teo could have caused such a sensation.

But the really funny part is this. Why is the ad telling us? Are they telling the girls that you can still look good if you join the navy? I hope so. If they are trying to attract the guys to sign on because they may stand a chance to meet Claire Teo, then they must be prepared to welcome a bunch of very horny, desperate and stupid recruits.

There are lots and lots of beautiful women all over the world. Do you need to sign on the navy to see Claire Teo?

Dental Phobia by Chan Joon Yee