Since young, I’ve wondered why Miss Universe pageants only featured humans. If we’re opening the competition to all living things in the universe, then certainly, participation should be open to all females on Noah’s Ark. Perhaps some Martians too. It’s so easy to exclude worthy contenders.

But seriously (or maybe not), someone by the name of Dr Prem Jagyasi came up with his list of the most beautiful women in the world (by nationality). It seems that the post has gone viral in Thailand. Well, I’m not sure how Dr Prem arrived at the results, but here they are in no order of merit.

1. Ukraine
2. Sweden
3. Thailand
4. Bulgaria
5. Russia
6. Netherlands
7. Lebanon
8. Poland
9. India
10. Brazil
11. Italy
12. Canada
13. Serbia
14. South Korea
15. Croatia
16. Columbia
17. Argentina
18. Ethiopia
19. Romania

It’s all here

Why do I get the feeling that this list was “made up” at random just to create a talking point? I confess that I’ve not been to most of the countries in the list, but the problem is not with his inclusions but his unfair exclusions of countries which are teeming with beauties. Common sense tells us that it’s possible to find beautiful women in any country and with globalisation, nationality may have nothing to do with ancestry. What happened to petite French girls? Not good enough for Dr Prem? It’s also amazing that Dr Prem missed out China – the most populous country in the world. And he probably hadn’t been to Vietnam either.

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