A very comprehensive update and analysis. Are The Lancet and Vox blocked in China? One important thing to note is that there are three levels of confirmation in determining whether an individual is infected. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Medical team at the first line make a provisional diagnosis.
  2. A team of specialists confirm the diagnosis.
  3. The findings are sent to Beijing for “final confirmation”.

Only then can a case be announced as confirmed. As long as Beijing does not confirm the case, it cannot be announced as a confirmed case. There is thus a very significant delay in the release of latest updates.

The epidemic actually started in October 2019 and not January 2020. The infection is not just lethal to the elderly. Even the young are killed by it. The information was published in The Lancet and Vox by Chinese experts on the ground. Ironically, their findings are not available to the general public in China.

Dental Phobia by Chan Joon Yee