Ms May Myat Noe, winner of Miss Asia Pacific World Super Talent 2014, was dethroned for “bad behaviour”. May Myat Noe was crowned Miss Asia Pacific World in Seoul in May 2014. But, according to David Kim, director of media for the Seoul-based pageant, the 18-year-old was a disappointment from the start.

Following her success at the pageant, the Korean organisers said they were arranging singing and video deals for her. Sponsors paid for her plastic surgery, which came to the equivalent of £6,000.

The beauty queen took her mother with her to Seoul for what was supposed to be a 10-day visit, but that quickly turned into three months, incurring extra cost to the organisers, he said.

She “lied” and “never had respect for the main organisation, the national director, the manager, media or fans who made her the winner”, organisers said in a statement. When they told her that they would be stripping her of her title, she got back at them by absconding with the bejewelled Swarovski tiara – valued between £60,000 and £120,000.

Gosh, Ris Low is such an amateur.

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