True story. Tim was gym owner who was all stressed out even though he was doing a booming business. After numerous ranting sessions with friends and family, he began to rationalise his position. He realised that over 90% of his customers were satisfied with the service and amenities he provided. Less than 10% were habitually complaining, threatening and making all sorts of demands.

Tim had been reading books by business gurus who said that he must hold his customers as a bucket would hold water. Once there’s a leak, his business will bleed. It all sounds very nice and logical, but the reality is something that the guru had not grasped. Tim decided that he would just refund the membership fee to that measly 10% and focus on that 90%.

The guru was wrong. He did earn a little less money, but his business did not bleed. Most importantly, Tim’s sleep and appetite improved. His regained his health and he was even beginning to enjoy his work.

Dental Phobia by Chan Joon Yee